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Build Your Marketing DREAM TEAM

Friday, May 6, 2022 at 8:00 AM Pacific Time

“What, I don’t have to do it all?” Nope!

With all the things on your to-do list from day to day, marketing tasks can easily get back-burnered. But marketing doesn’t have to be on your shoulders alone - we’ll show you how to get your team to think like promoters every single day.

These days, everything is a marketing opportunity - every appointment, every interaction, every person on the team contributes to your brand’s reputation. We’ll give you the training and the tools to be able to turn your team into stellar brand ambassadors!

Getting reviews, showcasing your uniqueness on social media, writing SEO-boosting blog posts, getting referrals, building your community and brand awareness, marketing with LOVE - these are ALL areas to use your TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves Marketing!

  • Get Tips for identifying, hiring, and onboarding marketing cheerleaders
  • Learn how to delegate and share the load (no more mile-long to-do lists on only your plate!)
  • Identify how to motivate and create excitement and accountability
  • Discover easy tips to help your team develop a marketing mindset

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Presented by: Angela Byrnes, Director of Client Services

Roadside Dental Marketing

Angela Byrnes loves practicality and efficiency and works to pair client goals with simple solutions. Before Roadside, Angela devoted 23+ years to the dental industry, leading high production at multi-doctor practices. Eventually, she honed in on her passion for practice management and consulting, and naturally gravitated toward Roadside due to their specialization in dental marketing.

In her years with Roadside, Angela has helped transcend all previous profit margins at rates her clients have never thought possible! She problem-solves intimidating challenges with interactive, easy, and rewarding action plans.

Simply put, Angela loves to share her marketing knowledge, tools, and expertise to help dentists grow their practices!